lunes, 28 de mayo de 2007

Mi Colección: Freddie Mercury

Añado más abajo un listado de artículos del vocalista más grande que puede tener un grupo de rock ;-) Mi colección no es muy extensa así que algún día me tendré que pasar por alguna feria del disco para nutrir mis vitrinas :D

-Mr. Bad Guy / Special Edition with 6 extended vers.: Let´s Turn It On (12" version) / I Was Born To Love You (12" version) / Living On My Own (12" version) / She Blows Hot And Cold (Extended 12" mix) / Love Me Like There´s No Tomorrow (Extended 12" mix) / Made In Heaven (Extended version)
-The Freddie Mercury Album / 1992 / UK / Special Edition with 5 pictures

7" Vinilos
-Made In Heaven / She Blows Hot And Cold / 1985 / Spain / Unique PROMO. Only 1 side.
-Barcelona/ Exercises In Free Love / 1987 / Spain / Gatefold
-I Was Born To Love You / 1985 / Spain / Unique Promo. 1 side. CBS sleeve.
-I Was Born To Love You/ Stop All The Fighting / 1985 / Spain

-The Video Collection / DVD / 2000 / EU
-Freddie Mercury, The Untold Story / Video / Extracts. Recorded. Canal Cultura.
-Freddie Mercury - Lover of Life, Singer of Songs / 2 DVD / EU

-CDs from Freddie Mercury Collection Box Set: CD 1 Mr Bad Guy / CD 2 Barcelona / CD 3 The Great Pretender / CD 4 Singles 1973-85 / CD 5 Singles 1986-93 / CD 6 The Instrumentals / CD 7 Rarities 1 / CD 8 Rarities 2 / CD 9 Rarities 3.
-Garden Lodge 29-02-88:Fuck Off and Die You Fag (with Peter Straker and Mike Moran) / Girl from Ipanema / Rock A Bye Dixie

-It´s in everyone of us (with Cliff Richards)
-Made In Heaven (Extended version)
-Love Kills (Extended version)
-My Love Is Dangerous (Extended version)
-Time (Extended version)
-Man from Manhattan (Howell, Mercury, May)
-Man from Manhattan (Back again)
-Hold On (with Jo Dare. Zabou, 1986)
-Everybody Happy? (Fan Club Party "89)
-Time (Instrumental)
-She Blows Hot&Cold (B-side)
-The Golden Boy (Instrumental)
-Living on my own (Techno Mix)
-Stacke of Shock (M.Jackson & F.Mercury UNRELEASED)
-There Must Be More to Life Than This (Freddie play piano & Jackson sings. GREAT. UNRELEASED)
-Green (Wreckage)
-Rain (Wreckage)
-Idea (from Solo Box)
-When This Old Tired Body Wants (from Solo Box)
-Barcelona (Freddie´s Vocal Slave)
-I Was Born To Love You (Demo)
-Tavaszi Szel (First Try Version)
-The Floss Mixes: Let´s Turn It On (Scientific Mix) 3:22 / Living On My Own (Master Mix) 3:53

-Living On My Own / CDsingle / 1993 / Holland /4 Versions
-Remixes Album / Recorded cassette : Living On My Own (No More Brothers Extended Mix) / Time (Nile Rodgers 1992 Remix) / Love Kills (Wolf Euro Mix) / The Great Pretender (Malouf Mix) / My Love Is Dangerous (Jeff Lord-Alge Mix) / Living On My Own (Roger S Mix)
-8 Calendars Collection (small) with Freddie pictures / Calendars / 1994 /Portugal /Lisboa

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